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David Carson Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

David Carson - Research Paper Example From that point, he primarily worked in a high around San Diego between 1982 and 1987 (ClubFlyers). At the same time however, he was carrying out some experimental graphic design given his role of as the Transworld Skateboarding magazine director of art. Apart form his duties as an art director, including filing directing and graphic designing; Carson was also a professional surfer. He had great interest and passion for in the culture of surfing, which eventually persuaded him to return to the West Coast. On his arrival, he played an integral role in the in launching Beach Culture magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine run for three years, but Carson’s approach towards design, especially typography, was a significant challenge towards the fundamental aspects and principles of graphic design and communication all over the world (ClubFlyers). The works by Carson are usually attracting and strongly communicative. He worked at Surfer magazine between 1991 and 1992. His straightforw ard graphics design style was in contrast to the later covers of â€Å"How† magazine. At the latter, Carson unique use of typography was evident, filling the covers to give an interesting and catchy introduction to the contents of the magazine. His next big break was his association with the launch of Raygun magazine, proceeding to design the first thirty issues. The market target for the magazine was the youth, conveniently sub-titled the bible of music and style. Apparently, the readers of the magazine were ore attentive to the designs by Carson rather than the conventional text content. This was a successful period in his career, after which his works began attractive wider audiences. His fame and skills featured in numerous mainstream publications, including the Newsweek magazine in 1996 and the New York Times in 1994 (Markpenfold). The publications were primarily discussions on the uniqueness of Carson’s communication ability through mass media prints using a new graphic design language, which according to the publishers, was beyond the level of words. Carson began working for corporate clients, including respectable American brands such as Sony, Microsoft, Ray-Ban, Pepsi Cola, Budweiser, Giorgio Armani, Nike, NBC, and Levi Strauss. This paper discusses four of his works, including the ray-Ban sheet, the Cuervo Gold sheet, the workshop sheet, and the internet sheet. The Ray-Ban sheet is a prime example of his unique graphics design, which is a commercial advert for sunglasses by Ray-Ban. While designing the advert for the sunglasses products, called Ray-Ban, Carson depicts the â€Å"O† as the sunglasses. This creative idea ran through postcards, print ads, and posters. In majority of his work, the Ray-Ban advert included, Carson prefers to include his name on the advert contents unlike most designers (David Carson Design). This tactic of self-advertisement prove successful to Carson as he had an opportunity to publicize his works as w ell as highlight that he has links with corporate brands. It is also important to note that his name is prominent than the brand logos in majority of his works. Carson second interesting advertisement was for the Cuervo Gold Tequila, incorporating heavy influences of typography. Carson’s texts in the advert are legible, as he displays lots of information while at the same time keep the reader interested. He achieves this by adjusting the spacing and type

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