Monday, September 23, 2019

CSR in particular industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

CSR in particular industry - Essay Example However, in the early days, many researchers were convinced that CSR strategies and activities were homogeneous across different industries. However, advanced research has revealed that CSR is a heterogeneous field. Such heterogeneity means that some industries have to exhibit more effort in developing effective CSR. Therefore, CSR activities vary across industries. Moreover, assessment of effective CSR strategies also varies across the industries. This paper will discuss the reasons why CSR activities, exhibit such variance across industries. Research has identified that CSR strategies depend on several factors for each organization. These factors include the characteristics of the organization, the national framework of CSR, the nature of business activities, the category of labour involved, the risk of harming the environment, and finally the society where the business is located. Different industries exhibit varied characteristics. They depend on different stakeholder groups, have varied proximity to the consumers, and usually have differential potential in causing social or environmental adverse effects. This only means that industries that are likely to pose potential environmental damages or negative social effects have to define more CSR strategies. Moreover, industries exhibiting a close proximity to consumers have to be more focused on SCR that ensure consumer safety (Mullerat & Brennan 2011, p. 113). Moreover, such industries have to be more critical of their supply chains. On the other hand, some industries do not have the compulsion to define numerous CSR activities depending on the nature of their business activities. In order to illustrate the points described above, examples of different industries and the level of CSR activities expected of them will be presented in this section. Financial institutions do not pose great risks to the environment, but are required to promote sustainability and protect the environment

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