Monday, September 9, 2019

Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Portfolio - Essay Example al environment and achieve the objectives of the organisation. To do everything possible to promote and improve organisational standards through adherence to defined standards of work. To continually expand my knowledge and skills through continuous professional development. To work with creativity and initiative, through team work and deliver my best with full readiness to adopt and learn new skills in any dynamic field. To utilise the knowledge and skills I have acquired to serve the organisation efficiently and dedicatedly. To learn new ideas, skills that will enable me to acquire expertise, while serving the organisation. To serve the society without discrimination and help each individual achieve their desired objectives in life. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: ********** ************ *********** *********** ************* *************** JOB EXPERIENCE ********* *********** Extracurricular Activities and Hobbies Watching documentaries Playing and watching football Travelling Participati ng in talks and debates Painting REFEREES: **** **** **** Discussion The C.V. contains a description of my personal, educational and professional life. The career aspirations and goals resonate with the skills disclosed in the skills audit section. The information contained in the C.V is very helpful as it can be used by a potential employer to assess my qualification, skills and capability. As such, the C.V. has been written coherently to reveal my strengths such that potential employers can understand why I could be the best candidate for a particular position, which I will be interested in. Therefore, this CV is designed to attract an employer’s attention by making it possible for them to assess my unique qualities in the shortest time possible. For that reason, the CV has started by highlighting what I can offer to the employer at the beginning. Ideally, my CV captures the following skills which were also the main components in the skills audit.1 My teamwork capability ha s been emphasised in the CV. As part of my career objectives, I have disclosed that I want to be a team player. This issue is fundamental considering that most of the organisational goals cannot be achieved without people working together as a group, and therefore any potential employer will be on the lookout for those potential employees who are driven by the spirit of teamwork. In my profile, I have mentioned that I am a strong communicator, a quality that resonates with written and verbal communication skills mentioned in the audit section. Certainly, any business activity involves communication and many employers are interested with employees who have strong verbal and written capability. Strong initiative and creativity is also empathised in my CV, because as explain in the skills audit, this skill will make employers to realise that I can add value in the companies because creativity will help solve problems and come up with new ways of doing things. This unique quality differ entiates me from a crowd of applicants. Also my strong computer qualifications as disclosed in the CV

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