Thursday, September 26, 2019

Employee Negative Habits and Attitudes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Employee Negative Habits and Attitudes - Essay Example Unfortunately, bad workplace habits and negative employee attitudes create serious problems: poor workplace performance, workplace conflicts, and failure to achieve strategic organizational outcomes are just some of the numerous effects caused by bad workplace habits on organizations and their members. Bad habits make suffer both employees and employers. Workers may loose their job and the reputation of the company may suffer greatly. Bad workplace habits are numerous and varied. No one knows what exactly can fire the flame of conflict and disobedience within an organization. At times, employees can be extremely sophisticated in their negative habits and attitudes. Yet, in most instances, bad habits can be easily detected and addressed. Absenteeism and sick list abuse is, probably, one of the worst employee habits. Dozens of workers miss work intentionally, since they are unwilling to attend their workplace and are pretty satisfied with getting their sick list payments on time. Other s are convinced that spending half of the work day in a smoking room is absolutely normal and even necessary for their emotional stability. Such employees will not rush to deal with their obligations. Most probably, they perceive their work as some kind of entertainment and do not understand that the success of business and its profitability largely depends upon the contribution each and every worker makes on a daily basis. Other bad habits include gossiping and unnecessary sarcasm: some employees cannot be serious even when it is crucial for the organization’s survival. Employees may tend to withhold important information or will make excuses every time they fail to cope with their responsibilities. These are further supplemented by the negative attitudes, which employees hold about their work: it is no secret that not all employees like their job and these negative attitudes have far-reaching implications for strategic performance within organizations. Bad habits and negati ve attitudes of employees affect all aspects of organizational performance. Employees who miss work, fail to cope with their obligations, find excuses, and do not assume responsibility for their acts cannot be useful for the organization. Instead, they increase the burden of organizational problems and concerns. Moreover, their presence in organizations always comes at a cost: they receive salaries and benefits for doing nothing. It should be noted, that bad habits and negative attitudes work like an infection – they can infect other employees, who slowly learn a valuable lesson of laziness and non-productivity. As a result, one employee can negatively affect the whole organization and cause a chain reaction of bad attitudes toward work. Eventually, bad habits and negative attitudes of employees may threaten organizational safety. Gossiping may lead to information leakages. Withholding important information may disrupt the stability and operation of the organization’s security systems. Employees who do not share information with others will not let their colleagues and co-workers cope with their job tasks. Consequentially, other employees may fall victims to the bad habits and negative attitudes of their co-workers. What to do with employees and their bad habits depends upon the situation. No matter the seriousness of the problem, firing an inefficient employee should always be a measure of

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