Monday, August 12, 2019

Direct and Internet Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Direct and Internet Marketing - Essay Example e in the intensity of competition, organizations have understood that in order to stay ahead in this intense competition they need to focus on marketing. In today’s competitive business scenario marketing is the key for the success of any company or product or brand. In the last few years various new concepts of marketing have arrived in the market. Direct marketing is one of these newly developed marketing concept which is one of the most widely used marketing strategies that most of the organizations are adopting. In direct marketing potential customers are approached individually and this is one of the main reasons behind the huge acceptance of direct marketing. Another important factor that has redefined the term ‘marketing’ is internet. It has been found that in the last decade internet has arrived as one of the largest medium of communication. Today, in most of the developed as well as developing countries, products are purchased by the consumers online. So, it can be stated that both direct and internet marketing are two of most important concepts of marketing. This paper includes a detail overview of direct and internet marketing from both theoretical and application perspective. Bothe marketing concepts are discussed in the context of an organizations named Carbon Trust which is a UK based organization. Direct marketing could be referred to a process but not a technology. The process of direct marketing is aimed at not only selling the product but also creating and maintaining healthy customer relationships that would be profitable for the organization in future (Nash, 2000). As far as the definition of direct marketing is concerned, the most widely accepted one is provided by the direct marketing association. According to this association direct marketing could be considered as an interactive process where advertising media is used with the purpose of effecting a measurable transaction and/or response at a particular location. Direct marketing is

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