Saturday, August 24, 2019

Person Theory Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Person Theory Paper - Essay Example The counselor emulates Jesus as the ultimate counselor and offers unconditional acceptance of clients no matter what state of brokenness they are in. Clients find enlightenment in their issues from reflections from the bible and grow in an environment filled with positive encouragement. They are expected to do homework outside therapy sessions to help them deal with their problems and to develop a positive outlook and attitude. The multitude of counseling and psychotherapeutic approaches available has become both boon and bane to prospective clients in dire need of healing. The more popular ones founded by prominent figures in the field of Psychology have been dissected by both experts, students and ordinary people in terms of its effectiveness in bringing forth psychological well-being. All theories have had its share of accolade and criticisms, that choosing one which is most advantageous is overwhelming. Ultimately, the chosen counseling approach will depend on the needs, background, philosophy and personality of the client. A promising addition to the growing number of counseling approaches is the Trinity Approach. Like others that precede it, it aims to achieve balance within a person to enable him to function well in his life. It takes into account a person’s cognitive thinking processes, his emotions and his behaviors to contribute to a holistic individual. Therapy ensures the health and balance of his body, mind and spirit. A distinctive aspect of this approach is its strong Christian influence which is evident in the whole therapeutic process. It attributes ultimate healing of a person’s brokenness to developing and nurturing faith and a close relationship to God. From this spiritual foundation grows a person’s hope for living a more fulfilling life. Throughout the therapy process, it becomes clear that there is also a trinity that actively pursues the clients healing: - the client, the counselor

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