Sunday, August 11, 2019

Indigenous land claims Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Indigenous land claims - Essay Example In fact, even after gaining independence and sovereignty, the colonial masters have always been reluctant to hand over indigenous land to the indigenous people. Landlessness is one of the significant indicators of extreme poverty levels across the globe. Actually, poor citizens mostly live in rural areas, rely on agriculture, and agricultural labor to survive. However, they do not own these pieces of land (Landesa, 2012, p.1). In the modern times, all land belongs to the government with the citizens exercising use and care over land. Through various government land commissions, the government issues ownership certificates to qualified individuals, regulates and controls use of all land in a given state. Possession, use, registration, or even land claims are important yet very difficult procedures in matters relating to land. It is usually very difficult for the government to honor indigenous land rights and land claims have always resulted to violence and court cases.  However, the re have been various claims over land all over the world by the indigenous people in specific nations from the government, colonial masters, or caretakers. A land claim is a formal statement submitted to the federal and/or provincial government by an Aboriginal community asserting violation to commitments or obligations relating to Aboriginal land rights (Darling, 2012, p.1). While it is much easier to launch a land claim against a registered land, it is much difficult to claim a right over unregistered land. This paper will address the content and significance of the central land rights claims made by indigenous people, mostly indigenous people in Australia. Like other traditional inhabitants, the indigenous people of Australia have been in existence, occupying, and using indigenous land for more than 60 000 years. Although they have greatly evolved with time just like the uses of land, the significance of land in sustaining

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