Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Economics - Essay Example in terms of taking care of customers in order to retain their loyalty and administrating other business matters. If county size is small then there are less residents in the county, and county administration can easily take care of the needs of county residents, as a result residents remain loyal and do not think about migrating from there. As the residents in a small county are few in numbers, the county administration can have close contact with them. It can listen to there problems carefully and can redress them if it thinks them justified. Due to better understanding between a resident and administration the chance of resident’s disloyalty and disappointment are reduced. Other advantage claimed by Small County is that it can more easily deal with a problem than a large county. For example if a problem of water occurs in county, a small sized county can better deal with this problem due to its small size than a large county. Secondly, as the size of county increases another issue about providing facilities like water, security, gas etc. is also raised that is, will the county administration be able to fulfill all the needs of the residents in return of taxes e.g. property tax, paid by the residents. If the size of county increases it will be very difficult for county’s administration to fairly administrate the system of taxation. 2. If the investors are permitted then how county board will provide necessary facilities e.g. water etc., in return of taxes and funds paid by residents. As county already lacks sufficient water to support such a population increase, as a result residents can be disloyal. In this situation, how it would be possible for county board to raise sufficient funds for wanted

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