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Answering questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answering questions - Essay Example The object of knowledge is on that which altogether is real. In contrast, the object of belief is on one which is real and not real (Plato et al. 181; par. 477e). Thrasymachus makes two assertions regarding what is just or right. He points out that justice is the action of serving the interest of a stronger one. It is an advantage of the strong. He also adds that just actions are those that obey the state’s law (Plato and Grube, 15; par. 338c). Glaucon takes up the argument from Thrasymachus in terms of defining justice in a contrasting way. Glaucon points out that justice is a compromise between fear and advantage. People comprehend that being unjust is usually to their advantage; nevertheless, they fear being a victim of injustice. Hence, if one could act in an unjust manner and not suffer consequences, one could (Plato and Grube, 38; par. 358e). Plato describes the ideal city as one based on human virtue and justice. An ideal city is a form of political and social organization that allows individuals to maximize their potentials. The ideal city has three classes of people; the guardians, the auxiliaries and the producers. The leaders and citizens must have courage, wisdom, justice and moderation. This will allow individuals to serve their citizens and live according to the universal truths and laws. The role of the ideal city is to preserve and protect the universal principles. In plato’s ideal city, the guardians serve to protect and lead. There is a division of labor in his ideal city hence enables the satisfaction of the needs of the community. Each man should be given the best job in which he is suited in for. This will ensure productivity in the ideal city (Plato and Grube, 105; par. 412c). It is imperative for the ideal ruler to understand the forms. When one understands the forms, the soul reaches an understanding that is far beyond the thought stage. An ideal ruler should understand the true

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