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Underwater Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Underwater Communication - Essay Example Underwater Communication The paper is aimed to present the different methods and forms of underwater communication.To communicate with the surface, the diver uses tools such as MK 12 SSDS, the MK 21 MOD 1, or the MK 20 MOD 0, both voice communications and line-pull signals. The voice communication is the primary means and the line-pull signals are used secondary tools of communication. For diver-to-diver communication, topside intercom, diver-to-diver hand signals, and slate boards are used (Dietrich, 1999, 6-19). The diver intercommunication systems are composed of diver’s earphones, microphone, the communication cable for each diver, the surface control unit, and the tender’s speaker and microphone. These systems allow the communication from the control station to a maximum of three divers. With voice correction circuitry feature, the system is the primary choice for tasks and activities that involve the need to communicate underwater. Another way of communication used by the divers is the li ne-pull signalling which is commonly a distinct pull or a series of sharp pulls on the line from the top to the diver. The said form of communication is based on the needs of the group and the objective of the activity, thus, most signals are established prior to the implementation (Dietrich, 1999, 6-19). Another type of underwater communication is the underwater acoustic communication. The technology works through underwater acoustic channels and is classified on the basis of the methods for compensating effects of multipath and phase variations. The underwater acoustic communication systems are divided into incoherent and coherent detection systems. The example of incoherent systems is the DATS or digital acoustic telemetry. Coherent digital receiver systems make use of specifically localized components to be able to achieve high data rates in the presence of ISI or intersymbol interference which usually affect the quality of communication. This is achieved through the use of special signal processing techniques to compensate other factors such as ISI. There are numerous methods employed and combined for application on goal-specific needs for underwater activities that require the acoustic communication techniques (Klemm, 2004, p.832). The application of underwater acoustic communic ation includes diving, underwater navigation in different types of vehicles and vessels, and even marine animals such as mammals. The underwater communication in mammals is similar to any other technology in underwater communication since there is a sender and a receiver of information. There are two types of underwater communication methods in mammals, one is that of a single sender and multiple receivers who reacts to the message and another is a complex exchange of information among different individuals. Common examples of the animals that utilize the method of underwater acoustic communication are dolphins and certain kinds of seals that use sonar for communication, navigation and hunting food (McGregor, 2005, 390). This method is also used by underwater vessels for navigation and exploration specifically in the deep waters. Sonar is a common means of communication in vessels. In the advent of technology though, other forms communication networks are established and used (Dietr ich, 1999). These forms of communication are included in the next classification. Wireless Underwater Communication Systems Wireless underwater commun

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