Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Raising children can be stresful Research Proposal

Raising children can be stresful - Research Proposal Example Is parenting stressful or rewarding? Do you have the joy of parenthood? Or does parenthood leaves you with shattered dreams? Parenting is a heroic act and can be very stressful. You may be a stay at home or a working parent, single or married parent, mother or father, with one or several children, if you remain to stay cool, calm, and with full of vigor, you will be able get through the day (Child Development Institute, 2007). Children can be stubborn, grumpy, sensitive, angry, manipulative, wild or simply plain difficult. They always thought no other but themselves and they have an unpredictable temperament that oftentimes leaves you at a loss (Perry, 2008). The attitudes of your children leave you stressed and desolated. However, most of the time, it is on how we label our children makes parenting stressful. When a situation a parent should have with the child cannot be controlled, it is necessary that an appropriate approach on how to cope with the stress you have with your child should be embraced (Perry, 2008). These are: (1) Teaching your children limits and healthy self - expression; (2) model problem - solving strategies; (3) empathize with your children; (4) breakdown challenges into smaller steps; (5) project confidence in your child; (6) shape good, mature behavior, and (7) seek professional help. To avoid having violent and stressful environment with your child, it is important that the following must be observed: (1) offer your children the love and attention that he needs consistently; (2) make sure that your children are properly supervised; (3) show appropriate behavior to your children by the way you act; (4) do not apply physical punishments; (5) stick to your rules and disciplines; (6) teach your children about the dangers of firearms; (7) keep them away from violence (APA Online, 2008). Like adults, children also need to have love, care, attention, and

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