Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Group dynamics in the business world Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Group dynamics in the business world - Essay Example This paper tends to discuss the significance of understanding group dynamics in the business world. It also researches how teamwork and interdependence would enhance organizational cohesiveness and its implications in business world. To illustrate, today technology is the most inevitable factor in the rapid changing business world. Web-based technology helps organizations to be more productive by aligning their workforce, information, and resources. Individual efforts alone can not attain the intended goals on proposed time. As new business organizations are rather decentralized in their structure, incorporated information sharing and problem solving have become essential. Therefore, members require specialized training in group dynamics and team building because various factors like diverse personalities, departmental politics, and dispute over leadership might challenge team’ effectiveness (Ackerson W., 1990, p.23). Moreover, teams are the part of an organization’s quality improvement program. Therefore, positive interdependence is essential to achieve mutual goals. Organizations can easily cut down time lag in communication by maintaining positive interdependence. As compared to individual managers, a team can better research the effectiveness of current strategies and identify the weakness if any. However, it is said that research about groups is not always valid and relevant. The validity of the research depends on various factors including the potentiality of members involved, depth of material evaluation, reliability of information collected etc. Groups are believed to have more potential than individuals in problem solving. It helps organizations to compress time by effective interaction between the group members. Strategy designed by group is more reliable; and is less likely to flaw as it is the result of negotiation, bargaining and compromise between many individuals. Group can better

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