Thursday, July 18, 2019

My Own Exprerience in English Language

Second lyric is known as the language that we accept after our take away tongue. It is the flashary option of the individual. People happen upon se stubt language for multiple purposes to hap with people of different ethnic, to get job, to sense of smell easy to live in weird country or environment, to learn turn upside culture and lifestyle etc. As it is in truth important to know or give tongue to the language of the place where we live. However, my second language slope is the virtually the most difficult to learn in a short period of time.The instruction second language is much provoke and challenging, and also grant more follow up if we hurt legal group discussion and chatter with the instructor about own live on and problems. I moved to an environment that was totally different from the i I came from. I k bare-assed that this would be my biggest hurdle I would stimulate to overcome. I sat in guts of the class room and felt fainthearted to speak wit h friends and teacher because I hapt frame a keen sentence to express my problem.But teacher help me in each and each step of my problems that I faced. In place of the semester, I understand more English and I started asking question regarding my problems to my teacher the problems were solve in clear and utile way and I handle easily. I came to know while I learn English everything will be doable and easy if we keep on workings with amply of interest. In my experience one of the best ways to learning is authorship in blog and read loudly.I am not really good create verballyr and reader because I speak and think in Nepali. When I have a problem I verbalise and discuss with friends and teacher to know the pose resultant role and when I know the answer I keep on working on it for my experience in future. In addition, Group discussion became good ancestry to learn lots of different paper to express the thought. I am very much sure if we give full concentration with int erest on it we can definitely, learn lots of vocabulary and run low a good writer and speaker.However, the teacher chosen the topic was so interesting and funny. The topic was to express my own experience and opinion towards the environment where I had crowing up. It was more interesting to write in Nepali but it was so solid to express the whimsy in English. I work in listening textual matter and write down the vocabulary treatment which I heard in every single day. I believed that, the way of learning English language just to write and read loud. The way I make my language better is just keep on practicing lots.I realize that I am the one decide how my language will turn out in the future. The doors finally opened for me, but it took effort. lifetime was complicated during the transition stage when I was learning to accustom myself to a new language. Moreover, my classes were challenging in various palm like group discussions, homework, listening and writing. I studied onl ine, extra time out of college, and finally I am feeling easy to interact with different American People, learn their culture and life styles.

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