Thursday, July 25, 2019

Leadership and management 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Leadership and management 2 - Essay Example Purpose and Requirements of Commissioning for GP Consortia in the NHS The purpose and requirements of commissioning of GP Consortia in NHS is as follows: 1. The main objective of GP Consortia Commissioning is to ensure that the design and structure of the health system is unique and innovative and different (, 2011). 2. The Commissioning calls for the designing a healthcare system, which would revolve around the needs and requirements of the patients (, 2011). 3. It also ensures that the NHS resources are properly utilized. Principles and Practice of Commissioning in the NHS Commissioning in the NHS is considered a method and approach, which concentrates on delivering healthcare facilities and services to the general population. Furthermore, the approach is based on the needs and requirements of the patient. The process of commissioning is considered to be â€Å"complex process with responsibilities ranging from assessing population needs, prioritizing he alth outcomes, procuring products and services, and managing service providers† (Department of Health Website, 2011).  Ã‚  In simple terms, commission in the NHS is considered to be the procedure and a methodology, which concentrates on delivery of healthcare resources to the general public. The principles of Commissioning in the NHS are as follows: 1. ... 5. â€Å"Using commissioning not just to retain existing services or commission new ones but, where necessary, to decommission services which are inefficient, ineffective, inequitable or unsustainable† (GP Commissioning Consortia, 2010). 6. Striving for constant and ongoing improvement and enhancement in the healthcare system. 7. Ensuring that performance of the healthcare system is enhanced and improved. Commissioning Process in the NHS The first step is to understand the process of commissioning in the NHS. The Commissioning process in the NHS calls for identification and recognition of the intended healthcare outcomes. Furthermore, it calls for meeting the needs and demands of the general public along with proper utilization of resources and priorities (Department of Health Website, 2011). For this purpose, it is essential to identify the needs and requirements of the public. Healthcare providers are considered to be the main providers of information and knowledge in the st age of understanding. Based on their perspective, services and facilities are designed in accordance to the need and requirements of the public. After the identification of needs and requirements, it is essential to make an assessment. The process of assessment concentrates on delivering services in an effective manner, opting for the best and sustainable option (GP Commissioning Consortia, 2010). The next step calls for the implementation of the commissioning strategies and ensuring that the resources are utilized in a proper way. After the implementation of commissioning strategies, it is essential to review and report the intended outcomes. How a Medical Practice can become Part of a Practice

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